The McGregor Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is committed to supporting the growth of the industrial sector in the community, providing resources and support to help businesses succeed. From site selection and real estate options to workforce development and financing opportunities, MEDC offers a range of services to support industrial development.


The McGregor Industrial Park covers over 10,000 acres in Central Texas, making it one of the region's largest. Businesses benefit from its prime location, with easy access to highways, rail service, and ample utilities. Supported by the McGregor Economic Development Corporation (EDC), the park offers resources to ensure business success. With a skilled workforce and strategic location, it's an ideal hub for businesses aiming to flourish in Texas.

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Our Quest certification is the perfect resource for anyone looking to dive deeper into the community's economic development, workforce resources, and available real estate options. Download now to see why McGregor is the perfect place to grow your business and achieve your goals.

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