Nestled in the heart of Texas, McGregor offers a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. From its rich history to its vibrant community spirit, there are countless reasons why McGregor stands out as a gem in the Lone Star State.

  • Central Texas Location: Situated in the heart of Central Texas, McGregor offers easy access to major transportation routes, including highways and rail lines, enhancing connectivity within the region.

  • Innovation Hub: With its close proximity to SpaceX's rocket testing facility and other tech companies, McGregor serves as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in Central Texas.

  • Local Economic Strength: McGregor's strategic location and business-friendly environment have attracted over 200 headquarters, providing ample opportunities for business growth and development within the region.

  • Entrepreneurial Environment: McGregor's community fosters entrepreneurship, providing support and resources for startups and small businesses to thrive within the local economy.

  • Community Engagement: McGregor's residents are actively engaged in community activities, volunteering, and supporting local initiatives, creating a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie.

  • Quality Living: McGregor boasts sought-after master-planned communities, extensive healthcare options, and abundant leisure activities, all within the scenic landscapes of Central Texas.

  • Education Excellence: McGregor's acclaimed school district ranks among the top in the region, providing students with exceptional educational opportunities, complemented by access to higher education options.

  • Convenient Transportation Access: McGregor's central location within Texas facilitates easy travel to nearby cities and attractions, enhancing connectivity and accessibility for residents and businesses alike.

  • Affordable Living: Enjoy affordable living in McGregor, with housing options that cater to a range of budgets, while still offering access to the amenities of Central Texas.

  • Expansive Labor Pool: McGregor benefits from its location within the Central Texas region, providing access to a diverse and skilled labor pool for businesses and industries.

History of McGregor, TX

McGregor, first known as McGregor Springs, was established in 1882 at the intersection of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe and the Texas and St. Louis railways. Named in honor of Gregor Carmichael McGregor, the town quickly grew, drawing population and businesses from nearby communities. By 1884, McGregor had a wide variety of businesses, a weekly newspaper, a school, and several hundred residents. The town adopted a city charter in November 1886.
In the early 1900s, McGregor prospered as a commercial center and shipping point for much of western McLennan County. Although the population and businesses fell slightly during the Great Depression, McGregor weathered the period well. In 1942, the construction of the Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant brought a significant population boom, tripling the population to over 6,000 residents. After World War II, the town's population stabilized around 2,000 as the ordnance plant was converted to peacetime industries.
In the 1950s, part of the old plant was converted to manufacturing rocket engines, solid propellants, and gas generators, attracting new residents and industries to McGregor. By 2000, McGregor's population had grown to 6,563 residents.
Overall, McGregor's history is marked by its strategic location, economic prosperity, and resilience in the face of economic challenges.


  • Amsler Park Aquatic Center

  • Disc Golf Course

  • Ball Fields

  • Splash pad at Amsler Park

  • Mother Neff State Park

  • Explore Historic Downtown

and so much more!